Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Seeing as God sees

Things have been a little bit hectic in our neighborhood lately.
To say I’ve been overwhelmed is an understatement!
A couple weeks back I posted on Facebook that I’d received my new glasses….

I’m officially old!
Okay, I’m not serious about that, but I’d always been so proud that in a family that everyone wore glasses…I didn’t!
What is crazy is I didn’t even realize that my eyes were bad until the migraines started!
I noticed it when I started back to work. I was coming home every single day with a headache. I figured it had to be something with my eyes because of the only changes I’d made were now I was looking at a computer screen for a few hours each day.
I decided to make use of our medical aid and get my eyes checked.
When she started putting all those funny different screens in front of my eyes and asking me to read the letters….I was like ‘whoa dudes…I CAN’T SEE!’
My eyes aren’t really extremely bad. It’s just enough that it makes them work harder than they should.
So…now I sit with glasses.
And I’m getting used to it. I really only wear them when reading or writing or late at night when my eyes have gotten tired.
Hubby says I’m sexy with them! ;-)
The funniest part is the first night I had them we were watching Cars with Lil Mister and I get all excited and announce that I never knew you could actually read the words on the side of Lightenings car!

But it got me thinking about how ‘blind’ we are as a society.
So much wrong…so much pain lately in the world. Why?

It didn’t all happen at once though.
For hundreds of years the world has been changing. It is ever changing.
It gets slowly worse and as it does…we adjust. We just seem to get used to it.
If our great great-grandma watched our news today she’d be flabbergasted by the negativity portrayed.
For us, however, most of it goes unnoticed. It is only when something like the terrible events at the Boston Marathon happens that our worlds really freeze for a moment.

Like my eyes, our society has adjusted with the changes happening at such a slow pace that we aren’t noticing it until forced to look through filters correcting our skewed vision.
Maybe all of this isn’t really coming across right…
But it is how I feel in my heart.
I’ve slowly allowed calluses to build up that I don’t feel for the world the way I should. These aren’t walls that were built in a day. They’ve slowly erected brick for brick with each unbelievable and completely sorrowful event that has happened. Each brick makes the next event similar less troubling.
I don’t even notice that I’m not noticing…..
Until I look through a lens.

Today, I pray that God is that lens. I pray that the Holy Spirit makes me see the way He sees. I pray that I see the world as God sees and that my heart breaks and yearns for that which His does. I want to see the people of this world through a filter of love and compassion. Today, I ask God for new spiritual glasses.

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