Saturday, 1 February 2014

February Love Month Introduction

Valentines Day walks a fine line in my heart and in my mind. There is a cynical side of me that says why must we have a specific day where we celebrate love? Is it not condescending to a relationship to do something on a specific day because we feel we have to?

Then again when these questions start popping up, I start to wonder then is it not hypocritical to celebrate anniversaries? It’s kind of the same concept! Doing things that “show” love simply because it is a day to remember....that sounds familiar. I also then start to say well, if I can’t show love on a specific day because it is it not the same to celebrate Easter? Should I not be living out every day celebrating Christ’s resurrection just as I should be living out every day showing my love?

So....I think Valentines Day is another day. But it should be respected. In the same way I find it somewhat offensive to see non-Christians celebrating Easter in a “modern” fashion (i.e. only Easter bunnies and egg hunts but leaving out the whole point...CHRIST), I also find it offensive to read and hear about people going out and finding dates and creating false actions to celebrate a love that doesn’t actually exist!

Valentines Day can be a very special day. I feel it is wonderful to set aside a day to go above and beyond what you would normally do to show love. I feel it is beautiful to see couples celebrating the love that is between them!

So during the whole month of February (sorry for those of you who are now slightly nauseous) I will be taking some time to focus on love, relationships (specifically marriage) and what God’s Word has to say about all of this!

If you’re married, great! I will be praying specifically for marriages this month as Satan does his best to attack us through unrealistic (or often unspoken) expectations and comparisons that we are all guilty of making!

If you aren’t married yet, (whether single or just not at that stage yet), I’ll be praying for you too! Satan doesn’t stop at those already married! He tries to prevent it from the beginning! Marriage is a sacred tool in the Kingdom of God and he will attack you before you’ve even began! He attempts to make you feel lonely now as you see other couples and he again gives you unrealistic expectations of how it “should be.” I’m praying a war against him this month! And for your future marriage!

Marriage is a beautiful thing....something to be celebrated!

So, please join me this month on a little love journey! And just for the fun of it....

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Shana Danae..


  1. What a beautiful post, i agree with your post and i think its great to celebrate any time you get a chance, I feel it renews romance! im stopping by from the twitter hop Stop by if you can and say hello

  2. Thank you! Im really praying to inspire my readers this month in their marriages through Gods word!




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