Tuesday, 11 February 2014

March Cash Giveaway Blogger Opp

Hey peeps! You read that right! We're going to be hosting our first every *CASH* giveaway!

But in order to make it super successful, I thought I'd give each of you an opportunity to become part of this event!

The more people that become involved....the more money we can giveaway! And that means more entries for all of us!

All payments must be sent to shanamom2@gmail.com via paypal labeled gift. Please tag your payment as March Giveaway. Once payment is verified, your entries will be added into the giveaway! Everyone who participates will receive the url to tweet and promote!

Blogger with the most referrals will win a free co-host spot as well as a month sponsorship with Organized Chaos!!

If you are willing to post this announcement on your blog you can receive two entries for the price of one! Post the announcement along with filling out the form below with your additional link!

Check out my highlight sponsor this month!!
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Shana Danae..


  1. Hi Shana, I just went to tweet your Cash Giveaway and the little tweet thing to copy and past isn't there (I could be missing is, maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet this morning).

  2. I noticed that the form is closed as well!! Please you can just tweet my home page and email. I will try and get the form right by Mon!! Thank you!!




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