Friday, 7 February 2014

What You Missed week 6

Hi peeps! February is officially's really amazing how fast this year is flying! I guess that is what happens when you're busy!

How are you all doing with your challenges??
Organized Chaos

I was so excited to introduce you all to my ideas for #Commitment2014 and thank all of you for supporting me in my goals for improvement!! And don't worry if you didn't start up on the first day of the month! You can join these challenges any time you want! Just start with day 1 and work forward! 

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It's always interesting getting your 'resort' in a poverty stricken country. Were basically staying in someone's house.

i wish this gigantic pile of laundry would somehow fold itself!  

So, here’s a little insight to what you missed this week!

I started the weekend out with a Love Month Introduction. I'm so excited to be sharing with you this month what the Holy Spirit has taught me about love and marriage! Of course, Saturday also brought the could I resist marriage humor! And Sunday we took a closer look at what the Bible says about married life!

Monday we had a Sunday Social while I recapped a little of our weekend! I also got serious and discussed what the true Purpose of Marriage is!

Tuesday Gaby had proposed another prompt in our #2014BloggerChallenge: she was creative with Once Upon a Time!

Wednesday was another Wordless Wednesday as my baby boy began school for the first time!

And Thursday I got honest and started talking budgets!

Last week I asked you to join me in February for 30 Days of Planks! How are you doing with that!

And we spoke more on #Commitment2014 and how you can join me in reading through the Bible in 90 days! Have you started yet?

Organized Chaos

Keep an eye on InstagramTwitter and Facebook as I promise to keep up next week with all that is going on!

Please stick around the weekend for another Saturday Funny and Sunday Inspiration! And as always I love to hear from you! Have you stopped by the Prayer Power page lately? We’ve got some amazing stories in the power of God!

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