Friday, 21 February 2014

Fitness Friday: Getting Refocused

So it’s been a really....rrreaaaallly long time since I posted a Fitness Friday, but guess what my peeps? You’re going to start seeing them regularly again! Fitness Friday is all about US and our lifestyles! It’s about what we (you and me, peeps) are doing to become healthier, get ourselves (or keep ourselves) in shape and bring us some motivation from around the www! It’s all about the journey!

Where I’ve been...
I have been beating myself up for the last year about loosing myself in unhealthy choices. Before I fell pregnant with LJ I was amped and motivated and doing really good at exercising regularly. And it was so easy to get into that routine again after LJ was born. It’s like I held onto those feelings throughout my entire pregnancy by remaining active.
But sometime last year....around the time when darkness was staying later in the mornings and creeping up earlier in the mornings...I lost it. I’ve spoke before about the crime in our country and how it really isn’t safe for me to be hitting the pavement when it is dark. And when running became a no-go....I got resentful and let working out go to the side!
It was a poor excuse because truly I could have still been running on weekends! And my fitness had no reason to dwindle. With my lazy mornings in bed, came other bad habits. Besides sleeping late, I’ve gotten LJ into a bad habit of being in our bed in the mornings again (making a transition to working out again even more difficult), I’ve started drinking a ridiculous amount of coffee again (can you ever really have too much?) and worst of all I had started smoking again! GASP
Good news is....Hubby and I have quit smoking! Yay, for us! I’m proud if you didn’t notice. And I’m regaining my motivation and momentum again. It’s easy to  say that until I’m knee deep in trails and sweat and asking myself why did I go so far only to have another 20km run back home!

What to Expect...
But seriously, peeps....Fitness Fridays is going to take a new angle. I’m still going to talk about my previous week and how I did....but simply put, I’m just going to give you the run down (hehe did you get my pun there!). Otherwise, I’m going to start focusing on fitness tips and tricks that I receive pouring into my email daily from other bloggers and some of my fav magazines!
Much like this article on The 15 Keys to Success. I’m not an expert in fitness and I sure as heck am not going to pretend to be! I’d rather bring you the goods on what is going down in the www fitness arena!
So, I’ve drawn myself a calendar again (because you know me and my planning) and I’ve logged all about getting myself back to running a 5km....but slowly! I’m starting with an easy plan to get myself running 30 minutes in 6 weeks. I know that half way through this I’m going to want to speed things up....1) because like most of society I want fast results and 2) because I tend to be overzealous. But I’m really trying to take it slow this time around. I want to rise gradually so I don’t plateau quickly and lose my progress!
I’m going to take the time to share healthy recipes, motivational tidbits, and some awesome workouts with yall! Of course this is all a part of #Commitment2014!

Organized Chaos
As always one of my favorite places for workouts, training tips, and motivation is Women’s Health

So please stick around! I’d love to feature you! Are you a runner, health addict, or an amazing woman with an amazing road to a healthier self story? Email me at shanamom2(@) gmail (dot) com to get a featured place in Fitness Friday!

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