Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Once Upon A Time with Jane Austen

It is of no secret that I absolutely adore Kiera Knightley. Let us not even begin to discuss how many times I've seen Pirates of the Caribbean.


So obviously, when I saw Pride and Prejudice had her name on it....I had to watch it! And I truly hate to admit it, but I saw the movie first (*gasp*). I know, I know....reader fail!

But that movie opened me to a world I'd never known. I have since truly fell in love with Jane Austen. Immediately after seeing the movie, I went to buy my first book. No lie...it was a Saturday morning when I was still in America and I drove straight to the book store after the movie was over!
I am a hopeless romantic....I'll admit it in a heart beat...but it is more than the romanticism of Jane Austen's books. It's struggles that are real today if you truly take a look at them. In Pride and Prejudice, we look at people attempting to overcome the social difference in stature. Rich and poor don't mix! Don't tell me you aren't a sucker for that nonsense....look at the hype over Prince William and Kate!

It's her writing that pulls me in to where I just can't wait to turn the next page. You're absolutely right....we don't talk that way...that is what is so amazing about it! She takes us to a different time!
If you haven't read a Jane Austen book....do yourself a favor and go to GoodReads and download one now! That's right...you can get the ebooks free!

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Shana Danae..


  1. I too heart Jane Austen! Although I look at her books from a socio-economic standpoint and what was going on during the Industrial Revolution during the 18th century as a historian...and I just revealed what a nerd I am... :-)

  2. lol You didn't reveal anything other than that you have excellent taste ;-)

  3. I also love Jane Austen. She was so ahead of her time




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