Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Meet Heather at Florida Fitness Mom

Hey peeps! Happy Tuesday! I want to take some time to introduce you to Heather! She has been hanging out as one of my “Big Time” sponsors this month and I really think you’ll love her!

florida fitness mom

being thankfulHeather is an avid runner, wife and wonderful mother of two boys...one of which recently joined the military earning Heather the official “Army Mom” title! ;-) Heather spends her time blogging about living a healthy lifestyle, giving you advice, recipes and inspirations!

motivate me mondaywillpowerRecently she posted about willpowerand how to activate it in our lives.

And you can stop by every Monday for some motivational tips (probably my favorite part of the week!)

So, thank you Heather for renewing my desire to live an active life and helping to kick my butt back into running! Without further ado....take it away!

1)      What made you decide to start blogging?
I actually began blogging to keep myself busy. You see, I have always been a "hands on" mom and (yes I can admit it) extremely overprotective! So when my oldest son decided he was going to go straight from graduating high school to the Army, I started floridafitnessmom.com to keep my mind busy while he was in Basic Combat Training. Needless to say, NOTHING kept my mind off not speaking to my son for three weeks! I have learned to live with his decision and continue my blog in hopes to inspire other people towards a healthy lifestyle. 
2)      Do you still blog for the same reasons? If not, why do you blog today?
.I have learned to live with his decision and continue my blog in hopes to inspire other people towards a healthy lifestyle.  I now feel the desire to help others achieve their weight loss goals with tips, recipes and relate-able insight. So in some ways, yes, I still blog for the original purpose, but my mind has expanded since beginning my blogging journey!
3)      What would you tell a new reader about yourself to hook them in?
I am just like you! I have struggles and obstacles to still overcome. I love hearing from my readers about their lives and their successes and struggles! It helps us all to know we are not alone in all things mom!
4)      What inspires your writing the most?
Other people and other blogs! I love going around and getting inspiration and ideas from other bloggers! I love hearing personal stories. I tend to spend a lot of time reading blogs and watching YouTubes vloggers! 
5)      What was the most shocking part of becoming a parent? 
The love! I never understood a mother's love until my first child was put in my arms almost 19 years ago! There is no other feeling than the feeling of the love of a mother. Makes me teary-eyed just thinking about it! LOL
6)      What got you started with changing to a healthy lifestyle?
I quit smoking in October of 2009. I had smoked for 20 years and quit cold turkey. I soon picked up the habit of baking A LOT! I was coming up with new indulgences on a daily basis! My clothes didn't fit anymore and my body always hurt, from my back to my heels. Then I realized that I had traded one bad habit for another. So I told my husband that I wanted to buy a treadmill (he looked at me like I was crazy) and that I wanted to learn to run. I was never physically fit and never really had a desire to do any kind of athletics. I bought a six week program from the iTunes store and started my journey! I have lost 55 pounds and have been able to keep it off for 2 years! Give or take 5 pounds LOL 
7)      Three items you can’t live without...
Treadmill, coffee and iPod!
8)      Coming up on your blog this month?
This month I will be doing my very first giveaway as well as new recipes, new stories and more!

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