Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Dr Pepper

My Wordless Wednesday just got....wordy!

If you aren't following me on Instagram....You really should peeps! Ma found this loveliness at a shop where she lives! On the list of things I miss from America (which I actually forgot to list Dr Pepper *gasp*), Dr Pepper can be officially removed! I plan to by a case every time we go to visit....that way it's always on stock when I'm craving it! I've waited nearly 5 years since I last tasted this....I truly thought I'd only get it again once I visited home! Ma listens so well to me! It actually made me a little teary knowing she knew when she saw this that I would completely freak out!

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Shana Danae..


  1. Diggin' on the Dr. :) Pepper that is. ;)

  2. I remember when I first moved away from a big city and could no longer find Tab cola. I'm well over it now. :)

  3. It is actually weird how small a thing can make such a big impact! I hope you have gotten a taste of your Tab recently! ;-)

  4. I feel this was about certain things from the East Coast that you can't find in Indiana...and I felt that way about things that are in the Midwest but not on the East Coast!

  5. Exactly....I've said since I got to South Africa that if I had to live in America again...there would be so much from this country I would miss!!




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