Monday, 17 February 2014

Weekend Recap: Rugby Time

Hey peeps! How was your weekend??

Ours was restful for a change! Genuinely.....we truly liked not having a whole lot to do! Normally, weekends are spent going here or there or meeting with these people and those friends and well, I felt completely renewed just having some family time....and a little rugby action! ;-)

I know Friday was Valentines Day but we spent it as a family! It was wonderful and complete with Friday night family bed in the lounge....I think we were all asleep before 9pm! ;-)
Sorry for the bad cell phone quality....but the boys were just so cute here!

Saturday I did some organizing in the house (which by Sunday night looked as if I'd done nothing) and then we spent the afternoon watching the local rugby! The kids were so well behaved and were knock out by the time we got home!
These two were so excited to see each other! They played non-stop!

Then Sunday Hubby cooked....I should have got a photo because the food was FAB! And we slept a little....laid on the couches....and did well nothing!!! It was perfection!

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And tell me how are you doing with your challenges??
How was your weekend??

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Shana Danae..


  1. Oh how I wish we had rugby in the States! When I studied in England, I would go to matches all the time. It's something I really miss about it.

  2. I know right?!?! Don't get me wrong I love me some #football go #DallasCowboys but is where it's at!!! ;-) #BlueBulls who was your favorite team??




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