Tuesday, 12 February 2013

{5 for Five} Linky!!

Okay...you're probably totally sick of linky's by now with me this week! But I've found so many great ones I just cannot decide! I'm going to try a few out and narrow them down over the next couple of weeks. But in light of my Fitness Fridays I thought this was a great one!

Monday is the day for {5 for Five} with Jenn and Jessica! This link up allows you to come and share your top 5 goals for the week ahead. Link up with us and share what you accomplished last week AND what goals you're setting for yourself the week ahead.  (Still need a little clarification? That's okay! Check out Jessica's summary of the link up here!)


So....I have an obsession with planners, journals, logs, and goals. I feel the insanity of it all is what keeps me sane! With all that I do (and don't do!), it's a great idea if I share some of my weekly goals with you and how I 'attack' them in my daily life. Goals are the structure to my life!

1) 4x Runs and 4x Cross Training
I need to focus on my physical health. I LOVE running. If you didn't know that, clickity click that little tabby in the balloon over there >>>>>>> that says running! I have to plan to get this in with two kids and a ful time job, but it is well worth it!
2) Drink 6x glasses of water a day
This seems so simple but jeeze I love my coffee. The more coffee I drink the less I drink water! So...I decided to drink a glass of water with every cup of coffee. 

3) Clean and prep at night!
By the time Lil Mister and LJ are asleep, I'm ready to pass out on the couch. However, this ruins my mornings as then I am pressed for time with so much to do and end up not running! So rather I've rallied Hubby Dearest in to help me and we are doing everything at night. Together it takes 30-40 minutes. This is cleaning the kitchen, making lunches, packing school bags, laying out clothes, and ensuring all toys are packed away! It is actually a lot to do if you saw my house by 8 pm!
4) Make cookies with Lil Mister.
It seems silly to make this a goal but I must! If I don't plan to do something structured the afternoons will fall into nothing but free play. He needs some structured activities with me. This is a two day project as the dough must sit 24 hours!
5) Organize kids closets
Especially LJ! There is so much clothing, toys and blankets it looks like a ToysRUs explosion! It must be sorted....NOW!

So, there you have it! Those are MY goals for the week ahead!
What about you?! What are you setting out to do?! 
Link up and let us know! 

By the way, if you decided to link up with us today (THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!) we just ask that you follow good 'blogging manners' & do the following itty bitty things....

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3) Jump around! Go have fun and meet some new friends! Maybe you'll find motivation in someone else post OR perhaps you'll be able to offer them some encouragement. We have some wonderful ladies linking up with us so I'd encourage you to get to know them! 

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