Friday, 15 February 2013

Fitness Friday {week 7}

February 4, 2013-February 10,2013
Not to much was happening. I am proud to say that I got in 3 runs during this week and doubled my distance! It was great.
Pa measured the circle around our block that I like to loop quite often. It is exactly 800m. So that gives me a rough idea of where my km stand. Hubby Dearest and I will take a drive this weekend to measure the longer routes that I tend to frequent so that I can be more accurate.
As for now, time is still my main focus but I am happy to know what distances I am reaching. This will give me a more accurate fixture to go on once I start building distance.
Otherwise, things are pretty slow and I’m still struggling to get out in the morning. LJ wants to feed when it is time for me to be leaving! Therefore my runs cram into my evenings and unfortunately get lost some days!

Future outlook:
I’ve acquired a plan via Womens Health about getting yourself running 30 minutes in 30 days. You can check it out here for more details to how the plan works. I’ve incorporated this into my plans along with some strength training.
As I’ve said, these are my goals. Everything is subject to change based on how my mind and body copes. Instead of a strict day by day plan....I’ve listed my workouts as goals I want to achieve this week!
18 February 2013-24 February 2013
4x runs totalling a minimum of two hours. This week I will hit 30 minutes solid running. For a lot of you this isn’t a lot but for me just having had a child less than 3 months ago this is a really big deal! No breaks...just running!
4x cross training totalling a minimum of two hours! I’m not meeting this goal as of yet so I’m still working on it. It will continue to remain here until I reach it!

Wish me luck and stay tuned next week!

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