Monday, 25 February 2013

5 for Five

Do you tend to set goals only to see them slide down your priority lists? Do you want to make your goals each week to create a better more efficient you?
Do you want to start making goals?
Monday is the day for {5 for Five} with Jenn and Jessica! This link up allows you to come and share your top 5 goals for the week ahead. Link up with us and share what you accomplished last week AND what goals you're setting for yourself the week ahead.  (Still need a little clarification? That's okay! Check out Jessica's summary of the link up here!)

So....I have an obsession with planners, journals, logs, and goals. I feel the insanity of it all is what keeps me sane! With all that I do (and don't do!), it's a great idea if I share some of my weekly goals with you and how I 'attack' them in my daily life. Goals are the structure to my life!
{2 for 5}
1) 4x Runs and 4x Cross Training I'm still not quite there :-/ This is upsetting me terribly. I did get in 3 of my runs and 2 cross training. 
2) Take one night for myself! I did this and it made all the difference. It was totally worth it. I've decided to do it EVERY Wednesday. I need the break!
3) Clean and prep at night! Success. My mornings went so much easier. I even made smoothies for breakfast twice last week because it was so simple!
4) Do a devotion every morning. I did find the devotions I want to do so now it is just a matter of doing them!
5) Establish a morning routine to fit everything in. I'm waking up earlier and had two successful mornings. I'm still battleing with getting LJ to eat earlier than 5am! I know I'm the only crazy mother in the world that wants her infant awake at 4 am!!
1) 4x Runs and 2x Cross Training
I've decided to keep this goal another week. I will not change a goal until I meet it 100%!!
I need to focus on my physical health. I LOVE running. If you didn't know that, clickity click that little tabby in the balloon over there >>>>>> that says running! I have to plan to get this in with two kids and a ful time job, but it is well worth it! I've cut my cross training back to twice a week. I did some research and with as much running as I'm trying to get in and I do yoga twice a week, 4 gym sessions aren't really necessary. Although I'd still like to get there!
2) Complete Pinterest activity with Lil Mister
I'm always seeing a ton of ideas on Pinterest that I want to do with Lil Mister. I want to do at least one a week in an afternoon with him!
3) Finish my day planner
My day planner is my ball and chain. I cannot live without it however. It is a little bit behind. I haven't finished creating the following year! I'd like to finish that this week and get some printables up for people to grab. I'm sure there are other planners that work great but for someone like me who has a house to manage, a blog, a full-time job, and her personal fitness....well I need an all in one!!
4) Do a devotion every morning.
I've decided to keep this goal another week. I will not change a goal until I meet it 100%!!
I used to be very good about my daily devotionals. But during my maternity leave I wasn't checking my emails as regular and fell behind. I need to get back to spending that time with God everyday at the beginning of the day.
5) Establish a morning routine to fit everything in.
I've decided to keep this goal another week. I will not change a goal until I meet it 100%!!
Winter is quickly approaching here and it will be getting lighter later. I need to soak up the opportunity to run in the am while I still can. I need to establish LJ into a feeding routine that allows me to get out the door in the morning. Come winter, I will crosstrain in the morning and run in the afternoons. LJ is eating at my run time right now so I need to get him moved back by about an hour!
So, there you have it! Those are MY goals for the week ahead!
What about you?! What are you setting out to do?! 
Link up and let us know! 

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