Tuesday, 19 February 2013

It Haunts Me....

There it stands. It haunts my every trip to the grocery store.

As Lil Mister and I approach the entrance to the store, I plot ways to avoid it’s glare as I make my way through the aisles.
My attempts always fail. No matter which lane I choose I know Lil Mister has sat so well for only one reason.
As we approach the checkout I keep telling myself to be strong. I tell myself to tell him no. But dang it he has been so well behaved!
His eyes begin to gloss over feeling he’s lost his chance. His little two year old heart is breaking.

He holds up his hand to make a little number one.
‘Net een, mama?’ (Only one, mama??)
How can I say no to that face?
The smile he evokes is tremendous and makes it worth my day.

And the additional R20 car that will clutter with all of the rest. ;-)

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