Monday, 18 February 2013

Back to work...back to work...oh jerk!

That's right...I've gone back to work!
I can't believe the time went so quickly.
I started back February 4 and my LJ turned 8 weeks on the 6th.
It seems like I didn't have enough time at home. I battled so much with the idea of returning. I had agreed before I left for maternity leave that I'd be back the first week in February and I'm not one to go back on my word.
I've been blessed in that I found an amazing girl to work in the house while I'm away. LJ now stays at home with her rather than going to creche so early and as an added house is clean and ironing is done EVERYDAY! Call me spoilt...I call in job creation! ;-)
LJ really does like her and is amazing for her. He never cries and is all smiles when I get home in the afternoons!
Lil Mister started a new school and I'm in heaven with it. The teacher is so amazing, easy to talk to and very honest. In his first week they already had projects up that they'd done. As well as, we got this cool little binder. About half the normal size. Each week they put a note in with the learning theme and what the kids will be doing. All communication is through the book. I love it!
He is doing great and adjsuted within the first week! I'm so proud of him!
To be honest, it's good for me to have the break as well. I love my children but as I've stated before...I'm not so much good at the whole stay at home thing.
I felt like I was becoming lost in a dark abyss.
So I'd like to share with you what I learnt in my first week back at work!!!
1) My co-workers do not find it amusing that I say 'shoo-shoo coffee is shoo-shoo' when placing their coffee at their desks.
2) No one needs to hold my hand while sitting on the potty....apparently they are big enough not to fall in.
3) It is inappropriate behavior to eat the left overs from their lunches because...well food just doesn't need to go waste. In society, we eat on our own plates.
4) Discussing how the characters in Barney get into their costumes is not considered intelligent conversation.
5) I do not need to verbalize all of my actions so that nothing unexpected is happening. Adults do not throw tantrums at the unknown (okay not normally!) and therefore continuously stating "I'm just going to the back office" or "I'm going pee-pee I can still hear you" are unnecessary and typically unwelcome.
6) Slippers and yoga pants do not qualify as having gotten dressed for the day.
7) Asking my co-workers at 30 minute intervals if they need to use the potty is not only inappropriate but annoying.
8) We listen to adult music and singing along to the theme of Lollos that is playing in my head is invasion of their sanity.
9) They do not need me to access the color of their snot for infection. They apparently blow their noses and discard of it.
10) I have spent way too much time perusing the internet in search of childrens activities......a glass of wine at 2pm is no longer acceptable :-/

Hehe okay but really here is what I looked like my first day back!

Very professional right!!

I walked into this.....
And that was only half the filing!

So...I did this...
And this....

I eventually was caught up on the filing by Thursday. And I've spent my time since then catching up on the debitors! We have a month until our year end and then I start until then! ENJOY! ;-)

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  1. back to work is not all bad. But i know you will miss your babies. I am visiting from Meet Me Mondays Blog Hop.

  2. I enjoy work for me. it provides a different sense of fulfillment but yes i miss them terribly!! thanks for stopping by




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