Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Immmmm baaa-ahck!

Believe it or not….I’m still alive!
Who would have thought that I could survive 21 days without blogging?!? Since entering the blogosphere I realize it has become an outlet for me. In a lot of ways this is great. In other ways this is a problem.
I have enjoyed the last 21 days beyond belief. While I still took a little time each day to check my mail, see if my dad had messaged me and join some hops, I limited myself to 30 minutes and stayed in check.
Google reader was going to back slap me if I didn’t clear that out soon. So I’m sorry that I’m not commenting so much on older posts but jeeze there was over 400 in there to go through!
You guys really like to write ;-)
The biggest thing that I realized during this whole fast is that I am was addicted in a lot of ways to social media. The first 3 days were like a detox.
I actually got angry and short tempered because all I could think about was what I was missing!
That passed and I figured out all that I was missing right in front of me! I was in awe at how different Lil Mister was by me just actually being checked in instead of just being there.
Don’t think that I’m a bad mom who ignores my children. I always took time to put down my phone and specifically be with him. But now it was like that ALL the time.
Also, house work got easier and less because I was staying on top of it…who woulda thunk it?!? ;-)
All jokes aside, this was a great cleansing time for me and my spirit. I’m glad to be back and be able to share with all of you all the happenings, however, a change has become permamnent.
No longer will I be posting while my children are awake and present. This is going to take more planning on my part, but I have my time and they need theirs.
Same with Hubby Dearest. No more phones during meals and after work. Now when he gets home we both put our phones away (in ear shot in case the parents phone!) and go outside with the kids. We kick a ball or fly the remote helicopter or just watch Lil Mister race his bike up and down. We’re happier and communicating better.
We were both letting too much of our lives happen with only half in attitudes.
There is a strict rule now about not being on social media when with the kids. I don’t EVER want them to think that they come second to our phones.
I love my blog and Facebook and Twitter but they are a part of my life. They are not my life.
It is seriously scary to think how hard these 21 days were, but I’m grateful and praise God for putting this upon my spirit!
So…stay tuned. I’m not gone yet. ;-) Just a little more……involved!

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  1. Welcome back to blogging! I take lots of breaks too, sometimes life has other plans for me. It's good to unplug from smart phones when you can. Great choice!

    1. Thanks for the support! And I'm totally glad to be back! I missed it; but the break was relaxing! Hope you stick around and read some more!




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