Thursday, 7 February 2013

TT-Valentines Day

Valentines Day isn’t a holiday Hubby Dearest and I pay to much attention to.
In all honesty, I look at it as a Hallmark holiday and just another reason for couples to end up fighting. It is not significant in our marriage because I feel we should make everyday our love known to each other and not focus one specific day for this reason.
Still, it is a highly marketed industry….Valentines Day.

There was a time though when it was a day that filled my heart with joy and anxiety.
I stressed endlessly about who I would ask to be my valentine and wonder if their answer would be a yes. Significantly, a yes would mean we would date, get married, and live happily ever after.
I would lie awake at night pondering who would possibly even ask me!
My heart would race as I began to peruse the options. My palms would become sweaty at the thought of writing their names on the cards. This was the big day. You made it or broke it on Valentines Day.
I had to find the perfect outfit. Shoes to match. And oh the hair….it had to be in place.
Today my mom would let me wear lip gloss to school. I know she would. She couldn’t let me be embarrassed on Valentines Day!
Oh…I’m talking about the fifth grade of course! ;-)
I remember it like it was yesterday.
In class we spent the days before working on the paper baskets we would hang from the front of our desks. As girls, we naturally gathered together and made extra effort at this task. It was like marketing ourselves. The prettier our basket of course the more cards we would get! ;-)
I had to know what cards everyone was buying. Heaven forbid my bestie and I BOTH showed up to school with the Minnie Mouse Valentines Day cards complete with matching envelopes and stickers!
The teacher allowed us to move our desks into a square shape that day. We could all see each other and gossip. (What we gossiped about at 10 years old I’m not sure of any more!)
But I had it all planned. He couldn’t be watching. He’d be talking to his guy friends about how stupid this day was! I’d saved the special card for him. You know the BIG one that usually was kept aside to give to the teacher.
I made sure to take extra time when writing his name in glitter glue. I’d sprayed just a tad of my body spray over it and sprinkled some confetti inside! No one would ever know his was different but he would see I’d spent the extra time on it!
We walked around putting cards in the baskets. Sighing as we dropped one in ‘that girls’ basket because our moms MADE us make one for every kid in the class. We giggled as we gave them to the boys and smiled (secretly wishing it will bring up our grades) as we handed the teacher hers.
My heart began to race as I walked up to the desk.
This was the moment.
The one single decision that would change my future forever.
This was the…..

The bell rings. The school day is over. WHAT?!?
We read our Valentines day cards at home. Alas…..I never did receive a reply and promptly after February 14 ‘the BOY’ started dating a friend of mine in the class. It lasted a WHOLE SIX days! They even swapped Pokemon cards!
I believe they broke up because he ate more popcorn that she did when they went to see a G rated movie with their parents.

‘The BOY’ is now a high school drop out who has two kids and just recently was released from jail for grand theft auto.

Okay not really but it does make for a better ending right?!?
We were silly back then and subsequently reality struck and I gratefully married a man I never even knew until I was out of school.
Valentines day has, thus, never negatively or positively affected my life. But watch….karma is a cruel mistress. This year Hubby Dearest will decide to be romantic and surprise me leaving me feeling like c-r-a-p for not doing anything for him ;-)
Time to get Lil Mister’s Valentines Day project underway…any good Pinterest ideas?!
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