Friday, 8 February 2013

Fitness Friday {week 6}

There really isn’t anything to recap at the moment. To be honest I had a terrible time for a couple of weeks and totally got of schedule. It was hard trying to get all of us into routine for me to return to work and Lil Mister start back to school again. So I decided to repeat one week of my training. Since then I’ve gotten myself back on track and am looking forward to the next couple of weeks! They’re going to be tough but motivation is my focus!

Speaking of motivation....
I’d like to share with you some of the factors that keep me motivated!
I’m very results oriented. I LOVE to see that I’m getting somewhere. I don’t have a need to be the best but I like to know I’m better than what I was. I keep a journal. In it I record my runs each time and my cross training. There is nothing like looking back over a month and seen my time improve or my distance grow. Hey, I’ve doubled my amount of push ups in three weeks! ;-)

The next motivating factor for me is that after run feeling! There are days I literally try to talk myself out of running. I love running, however, work, kids and a house tend to get me down a lot. When my energy starts to fall, so does my desire to head out the door. I pick up my journal and look at my previous runs. I record notes after a run about how I felt and what I thought. It’s always positive because that is what exercise does! Check out a great idea here to keep up your post running feelings!

Another great motivational factor for me is positive self talk! Read a little by Kim about positive self talk...she’s a pro! ;-) As for me, I am more a visual person. I tell myself you are an amazing mother who is proud of her body. You gave birth to these beautiful boys. You are capable of this. This is nothing!
I love me conceited if you want...when people look at me and say you’re running?!? How? When? You see, so many women have so many excuses why they can’t do it. Their weight, their hips or knees. They don’t have time with the kids. They don’t have money for gear.
Well, guess what! I was over weight before too. And I know lots of women who are out walking and even running REGARDLESS of their weight. If you have an ailment, typically you are told by doctors to exercise. So if that is your excuse then I’ll only ask what is your excuse for not getting to a doctor and finding out what physical movements you can be doing?!? And for the time one...well that I UNDERSTAND!
It takes self discipline and a strong desire. With two kids and a job, I have to PLAN and WANT to run. It takes some support! It takes some getting used to. But I truly feel that I am a better mom because I am taking this time to do something I love to do.
Exercise releases so much amazingly good energy. It doesn’t matter how bad my day has been, when I get out and run, I come back in a better mood.

So....what is your excuse for not getting moving? Can I encourage you to talk to me about it? Can I encourage you to change your attitude?
Or...if you are like me...a mom just trying to get out there...can I give you some support and encouragement too? Let me know!

Future outlook:
I’ve acquired a plan via Womens Health about getting yourself running 30 minutes in 30 days. You can check it out here for more details to how the plan works. I’ve incorporated this into my plans along with some strength training.
I’ve added in an additional strength workout on Thursdays this week. I plan to keep up the 4 days double a week.
As I’ve said, these are my goals. Everything is subject to change based on how my mind and body copes. Instead of a strict day by day plan....I’ve listed my workouts as goals I want to achieve this week!
4x runs totalling a minimum of two hours. These are still a combination of walk/run but I’m up to 20 minutes of running and would like to hit 25 minutes at a time. Distance is not a focus yet!
4x cross training totalling a minimum of two hours!
Drink 6x glasses water a day.
Wish me luck and stay tuned next week!

If you’re at all interested in what I’m doing or getting yourself back into shape can I please encourage you to check out two of my favourite mommy runners! These women love being mommies and their health and continually inspire me!

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  1. I love running. In fact I've run back in a day with professional marathoners, ran with them four times for one month, but then stopped cuz I was finishing my MA thesis then and couldn't find time to join them anymore. Right now, I do jog every sat with my mom.

    By the way, am new follower of your lovely blog. It's fun to connect with fellow bloggers!
    I write a humble bog and hoping you can visit me there as well and follow back :)))

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog.


    1. That is awesome that you are running with your mom! It can be such an important bonding time! I love the quote by Allison Sweeny from Biggest Loser 'During a run I work through emotions and scenarios. After about mile 5, my problems don't seem so bad.' This is so true! Keep up the jogs on Saturdays and as you can start scheduling in more during the week! It will quickly become such an integrated part of your life and self being that when asked how you manage your time you won't know how to answer because it will just be natural! If you have a passion for running, it is deep down into your bones. You'll never loose it!




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