Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter Weekend and some Hubby Time

It was a super long weekend here by us...leading us into a short work week (whoo hoo) and another long weekend and another short work week! LoL So, you can imagine how BUSY we have been!

Waiting for our ice cream!
The boys are out of school until the first Monday in May and after a week at home....they were experiencing cabin fever by Friday! We spent the morning doing a little shopping and some visiting with C before heading home for naps....that never happened! By 4 pm, Mommy was at her wits end. We took a walk and when I realized that wasn't enough...Mommy packed up the kids and we headed to the local family restaurant for a coffee in peace and some play time! The boys LOVED it!   The restaurant has an employee who watches the play area, so I choose a table close by and relaxed. The idea was to wear them out because they were so tired and wanting to sleep at that early of a time! I didn't need a 9 pm wake up call....so I figured we should stay busy! I must say, the best part was when Lil Mister came running up to give me a hug and say thank you that I brought him to play with the friends! (cue tears!)

Eating their free cake!
We had an early night Friday and prepared for Hubby to come home Saturday. The rest of the weekend went by in a blur of kisses, play time and naps!
Definitely happy to see Papa

Sunday of course brought Easter baskets and egg hunts. It was LJ's first hunt and he caught on pretty quick!

I made their Easter baskets myself and can't wait to share the tutorial with you! It is so simple! I figure at their age I'm not going for the big expensive things. They had more than enough sweets and some new cars that has kept them busy the rest of the weekend!

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Shana Danae..


  1. Looks like you had a great Easter!

    I love it when they come up to you and give you hugs/kisses/say thank you. It melts my heart every time :-)

  2. Exactly!! I love those moments! LJ is learning now to say I love you...in his baby mumble and it melts me every time! Lil Mister likes to hug and gives me these HUGE hugs every day after work! I wish I could bottle it up!




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