Thursday, 17 April 2014

Looking Positive and Focusing on Mommy

Lindsay posted the other day about a focus on mom-me. It reminded me how lately Lil Mister likes to tell me that I am both Mommy and Mama. LJ is going through a stage where everyone (and I mean everyone excluding the dogs is Papa...) and Lil Mister avidly reminds him that I am Mommy. I wonder if this has anything to do with Hubby working away at the moment, but then I realize that this Papa thing started before Hubby left. So, maybe it is just an attachment stage. LJ sure seems to remember to call Mommy in the middle of the night though *sigh*

I decided to piggyback on Lindsay’s post (whom she piggy backed from Jess’s post) since that is where we bloggers get our inspiration! Although I am doing my best to be what the boys need right now and what Hubby needs, I feel there has been some negativity underlining some of my posts lately. That is NOT who I want to be. So I am taking the time to look at things from a positive light! Thanks Lindsay!

So, let us focus on mom-me!

Reading… The Purpose Driven Life. I have probably read this book more than 20 times and recently posted some of my favorite inspiration quotes. Yet, I can promise you that every time I pick this book up again...the Spirit reveals something new!

Wearing… I walked around hospitals and doctors offices for hours Monday (no honestly it was hours!) with Lil Mister and LJ. I was stupid enough to do it in these heels! So the rest of this week has been flats and comfy pants! No I’m not wearing sweats to work (I wish!) but slacks, flats and sweaters have been my go to!
Listening… I am in a country mood lately and can’t seem to get enough of it! I have a country mix featuring Carrie Underwood, Toby Keith, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw and so many more lovely voices!

Dancing… There has been a TON of dancing going on around our lives lately! It is such a great way to burn energy with the boys and a few calories for mom-me! Lil Mister gladly shows off for us!

Making… I’m still working on my bible study/toddler education packet! It is taking me much longer than I expected. I’m just too worried about it being perfect for my boys and then I constantly see new things I want to add....then I have to spend hours deciding what to keep and what to save for a different study!

Wishing… that this time apart from Hubby was over! On the one hand, I am still so sad to leave our current home...but it doesn’t really feel so much like home anymore with him gone!

Looking forward to… the rest of this year. With such a big move in our lives, it means lots of changes. I know that we are following God’s will. I am starting to get excited about what it holds for us, especially wondering where God is going to place me for work! I have been so blessed in my current job and I know God wouldn’t take me out of this place unless I had a bigger future in store!

Hoping… That this round of medication finally works for Lil Mister! I am truly gatvol (extremely fed up) with doctors and my kids being constantly sick!

Eating… salad! I went through a bit of a junk frenzy last week in my emotions so I decided to clean it up this week! I’ve cooked curry, ate some soups and today a salad!
Drinking… coffee! But couldn’t you really already guess this with me!
Going… slow. It’s okay though. I know God is working on us during this waiting period so I am patiently (attempting patience) awaiting His will!  

Wanting… a winter wardrobe! LoL Where we are moving is quite colder than where we currently live, so I am working ferociously (oh I totally just said that....ferociously! Rawr!) to build up our winter clothes!

Missing… Hubby! Duh!

Feeling… Exhausted! I am so happy to have the blessing to be able to support Hubby during this time and allow him to grow in his career and do something that truly makes him happy! However, this being alone with the kids and house and packing is NO joke! I need to learn to let things go and focus on one step at a time and take a little pressure off!  

Loving… Family...the amazing friends God has placed in my life over these past few years who are being unbelievably supportive and helpful and definitely God!

That was amazingly refreshing to just spend a couple of minutes looking at all the negative from a positive light and focusing on myself for a change! My heart has expressed to me that this is what I need over these next few weeks! To make sure that in all that is happening that I spend some time focusing on myself!

I am worried about being what Hubby needs right now and making sure I’m doing everything I can for the boys during this time....but I can’t forget about myself! And neither can you! As moms we tend to put ourselves last....that doesn’t work forever! Tonight, I am taking a nice bath and just breathing! Plus we have a lovely four day weekend for the Easter holiday! Yay!

What do you do to focus on mom-me? How does it change your overall well-being?  

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Shana Danae..


  1. You are doing amazing! Your boys are adorable!

  2. That's such a great idea to focus on the positive every now and then especially when the negative stuff seems to be taking over. Being mom is a tough job but looks like you are an awesome mama! Coffee, salad and sleep are things I need to add to my list, too, right now! I like to wind down whenever I can a couple times a week when kids are asleep and read, watch some TV or go grab a coffee with hubby or friends. Hope kids feel better and wishing you a nice weekend. :)

    1. Thank you so much! They are doing much better and of course coffee has been number one all along! I'm glad you enjoyed the post and got some inspiration!




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