Thursday, 24 April 2014

Meet Debbie: Sponsor Highlight

Hello my peeps!

I’m taking some time today to bring you the lovely and amazing Debbie from Heartbeats~Soul Stains. She has been hanging out at the bottom of my posts these past couple of months and I have so enjoyed getting to know her!

Debbie currently lives in the beautiful Hawaii and is a mom to 7 kids! Give her big props on that one! I admire her just for managing that! Debbie is a down to earth blogger. She bears her heart and dreams and is always honest with her readers! It makes her easy to relate to and you often find unexpected inspiration lurking in her posts!

A few of my favorite posts:

10 Ways to Stop Your Childs Nagging: Debbie takes a moment to give us some tips to aid us through those nagging days. Whether it is ignoring the nagging or setting a firm no, a mom of 7 can definitely give you some expert advice!

Coping with Grief: In this post she gets honest with us about the grief she has experienced in her life. She talks about how she copes and presses us to find our methods as well!

Beef Teriyaki: I cannot wait to try this recipe! Hubby is working away from home so I have been saving this baby for a special occasion with him! Debbie makes this look so tender and juicy that my mouth waters just reading the recipe!

So, without further Debbie!

1) What is behind the name of your blog?  
I got the Heartbeats part because I have 7 children and their heartbeats are part of my soul.  I also liked using the word heartbeats because I'm a nurse.  Soul Stains is for the many trials and tribulations my children and I have endured.

2) What would you tell a new reader about yourself/ your blog to hook them in?
I would like new readers to know that I am all about sharing my real life experiences no matter how it looks to others.  I would love for all the things I've been through to be a blessing to anyone or to give someone some peace to know you can go through the depths of pain and come through it stronger and wiser. 

3) What is your go to social media?
I'm terrible with social media and have a check list reminding myself to use them.  My favorite and easiest for me is Twitter.

4) What was the most shocking part about becoming a mom?
The most shocking part about being a mom is how much more my children have taught me then I have taught them.  The greatest things I have ever learned I learned by being a mom.  (Does that make sense?)

5) What piece of advice would you give a new mom?
The biggest advice I can give any new mom is to take it easy, don't over complicate things.  Just enjoy the simple things, our children grow so fast.  Sit back, enjoy the ride and pick your battles!

6) What is one thing you can tell us about yourself that most people don't know?
I'm a bit of a hoarder.  I tend to keep too much of the kids stuff....there is so many things I want to keep forever and with 7 kids keeping everything is not possible..... or is it?  :)

7) Three items you can't live without....
I'm assuming this is materialistic things and not God and my family.  #1 Coffee #2 My phone #3 Scrunchie for my messy hair bun!  No particular order either!

8) Coming up on your blog this month??
I'm very bad at planing for the blog.  I do plan to participate in a few giveaways for May and some blog hops.  I'm excited to be a monthly contributor on Sew Crafty Angels blog as a Contributing Angel.  I want to focus on more content as well.  Since I feel I don't have a focused niche I don't have focused content either.  I tend to just write and work on things that are pressing on my mind or my heart at the time. 

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Heartbeats Soulstains
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Shana Danae..


  1. wow, her blog sounds great. and 7 kids! I can't even imagine - going to check out her blog now :)

    1. Exactly! I'm glad you're taking the time to get to know her!

  2. Debbie's blog is fantastic! I was thrilled when she joined my Contributing Angels Team. And for #7- Coffeeeeeeeee always has to come first, lol.
    So happy to see Debbie hanging out on your lovely blog.

    1. I know! I can't get enough of her! I truly love the opportunity to get to know her better!

  3. Shana! Thank you so much, I feel so very touched and proud to have gotten so much advice and help from you. You are an amazing woman :)




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