Friday, 11 April 2014

Priceless Moments

This is going to be short and sweet because well, I still haven't quite found my bearings yet!

But we are doing it! Two days are already over with....and we have not just survived...I think we have excelled! Wednesday morning was hard but by the time I got home I was in full on Mommy mode! We quickly went to grab some necessities at the shop (yogurt, peanuts and two minute noodles!) and headed home for baths.

We bathed for what seemed like forever! They played and splashed and laughed all around. Afterwards they were up and down the house and by 8 pm both kids were asleep! SCORE!

We woke up Thursday morning in great moods. We had coffee and took our time getting ready for the day and then a HUGE surprise happened! We were dressed, faces cleaned, teeth brushed, bags and lunches packed and Mommy's coffee in hand and waiting outside 10 minutes early! I am so serious here peeps! So we ran around the yard and acted silly for that 10 minutes!
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Drop off at school went without a hitch. Both kids happily walked into their classes and gave kisses goodbye! I couldn't believe this was really happening!

So, last night, I quickly whipped up some spaghetti while the boys bathed again and then we packed up and went over to C's house for some coffee and cake! The boys played and watched a movie while C and I chatted. When they started getting tired, we headed home where we all piled into Mommy's bed for cuddles, games on the phone, and lekker bedtime tea!

This is where I got lots of kisses and hugs and Lil Mister took the time to inform me that I am both "Mamma" and "Mommy" but I am not "Pappa." I explained he is so right, I am not Pappa. He then went on to tell me he misses Pappa but it's okay because Pappa has a big work. Of course, I started getting teary which earned me more kisses and Lil Mister told me not to cry because we're going to see Pappa now now!

Because I enjoy causing myself headaches
I am creating bad habits and yes....
they have been sleeping with me every night....
and the dogs too!
Which is so true! Hubby gets to come home tomorrow! YAY!! My plans are to clean in the morning to pass the time and then have lots of cuddles and playtime with the boys the rest of the weekend while our little family pretends the world doesn't exist since Pappa is home! Lil Mister is having his "sweepofer" with his Oom V tonight and I think Mommy is going to finally take that bubblebath!

Oh and in other news, Lil Mister was promised a new bike if he stopped pooing in his pants. He has not had an accident since Friday last week. He promptly asked me this morning where is his new bike! know we have that too! ;-)

Wishing you all an amazing weekend!! What are your weekend plans??

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Shana Danae..


  1. I love that photo of them sleeping. We are getting ready to start potty training too. Enjoy having hubby home.
    Hugs my friend

  2. Started potty training few months ago and its going well. We had few accidents after only because i moved the potty to a place where my son is a bit scared of. But he is back on track now. Goodluck with yours

    1. We've had some back and forth with the potty training and I've wanted to throw in the towel a couple of times but he is doing SO much better now! He hasn't had an accident in more than two weeks! So Ouma and Oupa are fulfilling their promise of a bike for him! Bribery seemed to work! Good luck!




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